MCEP DISTRIBUTION, created by one drilling and blasting professional and one international logistic specialist, offers you in France and abroad:



A complete range of tools for top hammer drilling, from R22 to GT60, on surface or underground, and for down-the-hole drilling with hammers from 3.5" to 6", manufactured in our partner's factory in Poland with the best steel. We also offer grease for drilling, and can put you in touch with our partners for equipment (rock drill attachments, pneumatic and hydraulic drill rigs).



Our range of products for blasting is extensive: loading accessories (stem rods, liners, decameters, etc.), blasting and measuring equipment (exploders, ohmmeter, seismographs) made in Spain, flyrock protection mats from Poland, dewatering pump and portable fire alarm with our partners in the United States, and ANFO mixers made in South Africa.

T&Cs (French)
T&Cs (French)


Ground engaging tools:

We have set up a partnership with two foundries in Spain and Italy to offer you quality ground engaging tools and wear equipment: teeth and tooth holders, profiles and blades for buckets, picks for trenching, planing and milling, points for hydraulic breakers, bucket protections and reinforcements (wear buttons, chocky-bars, wear steel plates).


Industrial powerwashers:

Our partner in Great Britain has been manufacturing powerwashers for over 40 years, from portable cleaners to bowserwashers on trailer with hot or cold water, equipped with its water and detergent tanks. The accessories offered allow drain jetting, surface cleaning, sandblasting, water pumping and spraying for dust and odour suppression.

Catalog and Prices 2024
Catalog and Prices 2024

Specific products:

In addition to the above products, we also offer several products useful to the mining and quarrying industry: self-drilling anchors for ground reinforcement, jackhammers and hand drills, integral drill steels and bits for these hammers, tyre sealant for puncture protection of heavy machinery tyres, hydraulic breaker and demolition attachments, and spare parts for drill rigs.

We select our partners and suppliers in priority according to the quality of their products, together with a competitive price level, to reach the best ratio quality vs. price. Can't find the product you're looking for ? Please contact us, and we will make a specific research to find out the best quality and the best price.